Top 5 Security Mistakes People Make That Leave Them Open to Hackers

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>> Thursday, May 1, 2014

Where technology has evolved over the years, so has the nature of crime. With the advent of the internet, we saw the birth of cybercrime.  However, today this has become one of the leading crimes not only in the US but across the globe costing over 100 billion annually. According to studies, 556 million victims per year fall prey to it.
From identity theft to data breaches, cybercrime enfolds everything. Through computer intrusion hackers can easily enter your PC without you even knowing it and access your important data, confidential financial and personal information. They manipulate your confidential information to their advantage and by the time you know about it, the damage is done.

Sometimes the victim is largely at fault. How? Had the victim taken essential security procedures and not made the mistakes that leave them open to hackers, the victim would have been safe from the hacker’s attack. 

It’s important to understand that hackers are all over the internet looking for the perfect opportunity to break into your computer and do damage. You need to ensure that you have adequate security that keeps you safe from them. 

5 Security Mistakes That Leave You Open to Hackers

Before we discuss the best way to ensure you are safe from hackers, let us first take a look at top 5 mistakes that people often make that make them fall prey to hackers.

1. Failing to Update Microsoft Windows and Other Applications

This is a common mistake that leaves many open to hackers and cyber criminals. Failing to update Windows and applications on your PC leaves the system potentially vulnerable to malware attacks. 

2. Using Unknown or Unverified Download sites

There are several websites on the internet that attract users by providing free online games or free tools, free eBooks or free music downloads. Some people without verifying such websites simply download the application on their systems. This puts their computer security at risk and exposes your computer to viruses, spyware and Trojan horses.

3. Failure to Enforce Configurations

Another mistake is failing to enforce configurations. If you don’t enforce best practice configuration settings on your system, you are be putting your computer at risk from hackers. 

4. Opening Email Attachments in Emails of Unknown Origin

People often tend to open emails from unknown origins without realizing that it could be a virus or spyware. These emails have interesting and exciting subjects that lures users to open them and view attachments.  Such emails mostly contain viruses. By depositing viruses on your PC, your PC turns into a remote controlled computer that a hacker can use to manipulate data on your computer. 

5. Using the Same Password for all Accounts

By using the same password for all the accounts, it becomes much easier for the hacker to access all your accounts in case the hacker has hacked into one account.

Keeping Safe From Hackers

To keep safe from hackers you need to constantly follow best security practices and procedures. Among these include:-

  • Using longer and different passwords for each account
  • Protecting your passwords with password encryption programs
  • Don't click or open email attachments from unknown sources
  • Download software from only reputable and verifiable sources
  • Update your computer regularly
  • Install, update and use an antivirus regularly to scan your computer


Cybercrime is inevitable. Advances in technology will always give rise to darker elements out to steal from you. However, you do not have to be a victim. By adopting a few security practices, you can keep your computer and sensitive data safe.

Contributed By Charles James, ERROR TOOLS

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