How to Choose the Best Antivirus Software

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>> Friday, May 2, 2014

Over the last decade, cybercrime has quickly grown into one of the largest venues of illegal activity across the planet. Its diverse nature has given cyber criminals the ability to take advantage of many personal and business computers via the Internet by using a variety of different methods. From the installation of spyware that clogs one’s computer and studies Internet surfing habits, to the collection of sensitive private information through phishing, consumers truly have to remain on guard while connected to the web. Choosing the right antivirus software can be a time consuming process, because all software offers a unique protection. In order to assist consumers choose their antivirus software, TopTenReviews has compiled a side-by-side comparison with a detailed description of the top ranked antivirussoftware of 2014

The number one spot on TopTenReviews list is Bitdefender. No software is more deserving of this position. Bitdefender is an excellent mesh of protection and performance. Both new computer users and more seasoned programmers have praised the simplicity of its interface, because it comes with an Autopilot feature. This feature essentially makes all security related decisions for its users, but can be disabled if one enjoys customizing those decisions on their own. Bitdefender doesn’t only block, remove, and neutralize malware infections, it does so without sacrificing a computer’s performance or speed by incorporating Smartscan technology. The single best feature of this software is its unmatched level of security. The software runs Active Virus Control, which is a feature that proactively seeks out suspicious file behavior that function behind the scenes. If Bitdefender detects enough malware-like activity, then it will lock down that file and notify the user immediately. Bitdefender also offers protection against the dangers that appear on social media sites and offers 24/7 help and support. It is the most effective antivirus software on the market and is completely affordable for the individual user. 

A close second place to Bitdefender is Kaspersky Antivirus. Once a virus has infected a computer, it maximizes its impact by preventing the installation of antivirus software. Kaspersky has recognized this problem, and in retaliation, they have created a specialized download tool that will preemptively scan one’s PC and remove any malware in order to facilitate a clean installation. This download tool is unique to Kaspersky, and makes this program a favorite amongst users whose computers have already become infected. Kaspersky also actively scans in real-time as users surf the web. This means that when users: checks their email, talk via instant messaging, or download/open from the Internet, that they can do so with a breath of relief, because they know that Kaspersky will notify them if any malicious software attempts to breach their system. Another feature that is unique to Kaspersky is their desktop widget. This allows users to interact with their antivirus software with ease. If they want to scan a single file or change a setting, then they can simply interact with the widget itself rather than open up the entire application. Kaspersky is more expensive, but its purchase can protect up to three computers. So if customers already have one infected computer and they want to protect other systems in their home, then Kaspersky may be the right decision. 

In third place is Norton Antivirus. Norton is a name that has become a staple in terms of Internet security, and this has allowed it to remain in the top three positions on the list. Norton employs SONAR (Symantec Online Network for Advance Response) capabilities that allow it to detect brand new threats that are being introduced to the global market on a daily basis. Norton also specializes in protection against social media sites by scanning links that can be found within news feeds. However, Norton is a bit pricey. So if consumers want to take advantage of everything that Norton has to offer, such as better anti-phishing programs, then they will need to upgrade from the base package. 

Number four is F-Secure. F-Secure is excellent antivirus software that is easy to run and offers great cloud security. However, F-secure does not have any anti-phishing capability meaning that users will be vulnerable to cyber criminals who are trying to obtain personal information through scams and fake emails. If a consumer knows that they are gullible when it comes to technological scams like that, then they should not consider F-Secure. In an era where cyber security is continually evolving and cyber criminals are becoming more creative, lacking a department such as anti-phishing can be quite problematic. 

The fifth antivirus software is AVG Antivirus. They were established in 1991, making them a respected veteran company amongst the antivirus software industry. They specialize in preventing users from accessing potentially problematic files on their systems. They are known to be continually making improvements among their software, meaning customer satisfaction is one of their top priorities. 

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