HP EliteBook 2170p: Business Laptop of the Near Future

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>> Saturday, June 2, 2012

David Tom
The HP EliteBook 2170p is the latest business-inspired laptop to join the HP product line. Main selling points include its light weight, small stature and extensive range of features. It has an expensive retail price of $1,399, which places it at the higher end of the market. However, with the use of HP coupons, it may become a very affordable option. With Ultrabooks seeming to take over the laptop industry, the EliteBook 2170p may soon be their largest competition.

Physical Design and Appeal

Weighing it at only 1.31kg, it's one of HP's lightest laptops to date. It even weighs less than HP's signature Ultrabook, called the Folio 13; the go-to laptop for current HP businessmen. Despite its light weight, the EliteBook 2170p lacks the slim profile of the competition. It is surrounded by chunky plastic and has an overall thickness of 26.5mm. The standard silver color also contributes to its bland, minimalistic design.

The EliteBook 2170p makes use of an 11.6 inch screen, adorned with a stunning 1,366 x 768 pixel resolution. This provides the clarity and focus that users have come to expect with HP. The keyboard is traditionally sized and is quite user-friendly. For added convenience, owners can choose to upgrade to a backlit keyboard. This helps users to quickly identify the keys under the darkness of night. The keyboard is also spill-resistant, with the help of a drain located on the laptop's base.

Additional Features

The EliteBook 2170p is setting the standard for laptop security. It makes use of both the highly popular fingerprint login system and a smart card reader. The device can be charged using the HP docking station, with the added ability to remove its battery. The battery life is very impressive; capable of lasting nine hours on a single charge.

The EliteBook can also be linked to mobile wireless radios such as 3G and LTE, providing connectivity for those on the move. A built-in 720p HD webcam is another option for owners with an extended budget. Furthermore, the EliteBook is compatible with several operating systems, including Windows 7, Linux and FreeDOS.


The EliteBook 2170p comes with 16GB of RAM, giving it tremendous power and performance. It is also offered in all types of HDD and SDD storage options. Additionally, users can choose to connect the laptop using its USB port, Ethernet cable or HP docking station.

Conclusion and Overall Opinion

The EliteBook 2170p is set to go on sale in July of 2012, and will most definitely catch the attention of businessmen everywhere. Its lightweight qualities and extended battery life are ideal for those long business trips. It also has powerful processing capabilities for those who intend to do serious work on these devices.

The only real drawbacks have to do with its aesthetics and cost. The EliteBook 2170p is criticized for its dull colors, chunky frame and expensive price tag. Luckily, these are not a problem for businessmen, who have their laptops paid by large companies and IT departments. They could actually benefit from a simple design that avoids distractions and reinforces a working environment.

It is apparent that the HP EliteBook 2170P is a viable laptop for the corporate community. It outmatches several of the Ultrabooks that are currently being used in the industry. Its powerful hardware, weight and endless list of features will undoubtedly lead to its success.

About the Author:
David Tom is an engineering student studying at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. He is passionate about the technological industry, especially when laptops and computer software are involved.

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