OpenDNS Explained, What is OpenDNS and Where to Use It?

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>> Friday, April 6, 2012

OpenDNS is one of the most popular cloud based internet security and DNS service recommended by millions of users worldwide.OpenDNS will help you secure and protect you from malicious malwares,botnets,phishing attacks using award winning industry best practices.

Normally most of the internet service providers will add the DNS servers ip address information into their devices such as routers or modems or in some enterprise case they will add it in the web browsers network settings.Most of the lower level DNS servers are owned by internet service providers.
Now we are coming back to OpenDNS; DNS servers performance varies between internet service providers.If your ISP’s DNS servers are slow,the time it will take to load the website on the client computer will increase and it will lead to the overall loading time of your website.Here comes the OPENDNS,it’s a simple and reliable service that allows you to speed up your internet connection without any additional cost.
OpenDNS got powered by globally distributed ultra-reliable cloud network.It’s simple,super fast and more secure DNS Service that we got so far.Millions of users already using the best  DNS service on the web. why not try it ?
OpenDNS  stores millions of website addresses into their cache.Means you will get your requests on the web browser resolved quicker than your present internet service provider DNS servers.OpenDNS also corrects the typos in your web browser quickly and automatically to redirect you to the correct website.
Another main reason,why most of the people switching to OpenDNS include the ability to block phishing websites.OpenDNS using the Phishtank database( one of the best community website to determine  any online phishing scam)  to block the phishing website to load on your computer.
OpenDNS provides you complete control over what type of website you want to be allowed.For example if you are setting up OpenDNS for your company maybe you want to block all the social websites such as Facebook,Myspace etc .You can do it easily with OpenDNS.Another example for home users, if you are worried about kids visiting adult websites then you can use OpenDNS to block Porn websites.
Choose OpenDNS Home VIP if you wish to pay for them or you can sign up with OpenDNS home( it’s totally free ) and free your network of frustrating, intermittent Internet outages and make your Internet noticeably faster.

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