Year 2012 will Witness Domination of sub-$100 Android Tablets.

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>> Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Amazon's Kindle Fire was a sensation in tablet PC market last year, with its much affordable yet fully loaded Android tablet models which priced around $199. But in fact, Tablet manufacturers don’t have the financial incentive to make these too cheap because profits shrink along with price. The arising competition in the Android tablet market and increasing number of emerging companies will force major players to introduce budget tablet PCs.

For sophisticated consumers, these cheap tablets will seem rudimentary. But there are many new markets that will embrace these devices. And they enable a quantum leap for education systems, communications and information sharing in the developing world. India’s $35 tablet is already a reality. The current version, produced by Montreal-based DataWind is underpowered and clunky, but the next versions will be very usable. Imagine the price pressure DataWind will put on the lower end of the U.S. market if it releases the Aakash tablet in the United States.

Aakash tablets are already a hot news in India and USA, and reports states that The world’s cheapest Aakash Tablet is becoming a hot favorite among masses that in just about 14 days of it being put online for sale, over 14,00,000 units of the Tablet have been booked. Datawind is planning to increase their manufacturing units to multiple Indian cities.
Indian college students with their Aakash tablets.

The 7" Aakash Android tablet doesn't offer much in terms of features. Nevertheless, it fulfills its purpose, which is to provide Indian youths with an affordable wifi-capable device to help them with their studies. Datawind will also start selling a $55 upgraded version of the tablet in mid-January that comes with 2G connection and a slightly better processor.

There are rumors that Apple is also planning to release its low cost  iPad tablets for $299 or lower. Its evident that the new year will witness many affordable Android tablet releases from other leading manufacturers such as Samsung, Dell, Motorola etc.

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