Facebook; How to Enable Timeline in 3 Simple Steps?

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>> Sunday, January 8, 2012

If you are not already aware of Facebook timeline, here is an introduction: Facebook Timeline is a new design of Facebook profile, which was introduced by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg during Facebook's F8 conference last year. Facebook started rolling out new feature to its selected users since December last year. You might have admired by seeing large cover photo in any of your friends' profile, he has enabled Facebook timeline. Timeline will enable you (and your friends) to scroll down through your profile and find our photos and picture that you have posted months or years back. Also, you can post your old pictures and events in the timeline by the year that had happened.

In brief, Facebook timeline is an open diary of your life. If you wish to enable Facebook timeline in your profile, follow these simple steps:

1. Open the below link:


2. An 'Introducing Timeline' page will appear. Click on the green button 'Get timeline' there, as seen in the below picture:

3. Now you will be able to see your profile has changed to Timeline view. But for first 7 days, only you will be able to view the timeline. During this time you can scroll down into all your timeline events, and change privacy settings or delete unwanted contents, before it is being visible to your friends. 

But, if your want to permanently enable Facebook timeline view before 7 days, you can click on the button, 'Publish Now', as seen in the below picture:

 Your timeline is ready now! Scroll down through the months and years side bar and view the posts and pictures you have published earlier.


Any questions, please ask in the comment column.

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