New Facebook Timeline; Stalkers' Job Made Easy!

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>> Thursday, December 15, 2011

Facebook announced new timeline view of your profile during its F8 developer conference in September 2011, and started rolling out December second week this year. You can consider Facebook timeline as you personal diary to keep your text, photos, videos of memorable moments of your life. Yes since the you were bron!. But as we know, it is hard to hide it from others. If you are not a tech savvy, you are in trouble! all the information you put on Facebook during past few years will be visible to entire world!

If you, like me, began using Facebook in 2004 as a college student, you should probably look forward to spending way too much time and effort rooting through your new timeline to hide things that are embarrassing.

When I started using Facebook, my only friends were the handful of people I worked in an office on campus with. During our slow season, we went on a "Let's see what this Facespace thing is all about!" kick. I gradually came to abandon my Xanga for this new phenomenon. Over the years, things have changed and changed. Now our younger siblings are on Facebook; our parents; our spouses' parents; our parents' friends; our distant cousins.

The question is: Do these people really need to know the following about me?

    On March 23, 2005, Amanda wrote the following on my wall:
    "Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, I made you out of clay. Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. HEY! (Um, Jenny and dreidle have the same number of syllables. Weird, huh?)"
    Close to Christmas, 2005, Sara and I shared the following "Wayne's World" scene exchange:
    "The shitty Beatles, are they any good?"
    "They suck!"
    "So it's not just a clever name!"
    The day after Christmas in 2008, I smashed my thumb in a door and complained that I couldn't text properly.
    In 2009, I joined a group called "I don't care if John Mellencamp quits smoking."

I know what you're thinking: WHO CARES? That's incredibly valid. In fact, *I* don't even care. So who WOULD care? Someone stalky. They could care about trivial things as well as other things: Complaining about your job, writing that passive aggressive and cryptic status about someone you were mad at, that pregnancy test you took before your parents had Facebook... and all other varieties of potentially embarrassing and harmful details.

That's an immediate reason to research your privacy options and enable things so that only your friends can see your timeline. If you don't keep up with change in technology, it goes on without you. Thus, it's going to put out information you may not want out there.

My examples above are not at all volatile. I've put myself out there on the Internet since I was about 14, so I'm used to realizing the second I put something up that the world has access to it (not that this means I don't do it anyway, sometimes). But for the sake of terrification, let's say someone I supposedly graduated with but don't remember requests me as a friend, and I add that person because obviously we have tons of mutual friends, so obviously they must know me. Now let's say that person is a pedophile, and I pop out a kid and start posting adorable photos of him or her, and location information with every post. Now, that person knows my kid's name; knows where my kid is; knows where I am; and knows how to find us.

I realize that's an extreme situation. But I bring this up to point out that once timelines launch, not only will creeps who you knew long ago but grew into who knows what have access to what you're doing now, they'll have information about your movements for the past seven years.

Point being: Purge your friends. Tighten your privacy. Read up on this stuff on the Web. Pay attention.

On a more positive note, I kind of like the new Facebook timeline cover photo idea. I do hate that it, and the "featured" timeline posts stretch out photos beyond belief (which is a problem with photos from long ago, when Facebook used to crunch them down). But the timeline idea is great for branding purposes. And for individuals, it's simply fun.

Here's my first timeline cover (just something simple with my logo). I want it to look like you're inside my Facebook page. Maybe it doesn't really pull that off, but I still think it's fun.
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