Facebook: How to Prevent People from Tagging me in Any Picture?

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>> Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tagging in Facebook is sometimes a disaster, especially if you have many number of friends and you don't know who and what are they. People may tag your in the pictures they have posted, it could be unethical and hurting someones sentiments. All of your friends will see the picture in your wall as if you have posted it! I know many people have deleted their Facebook profile just because of the disturbance of Taggers! Unfortunately Facebook do not allow your to disable tagging option completely. But I will suggest you some work around options that will help you to stay away from the tagging nuisance.

There are two methods you can use to control tagging wisely.
Approve Tagged Picture: 
Using this option you can gain control over the pictures or videos that you are tagged in. You can Approve or deny the content before they are appearing in your profile. Follow below steps to change the settings:

 1. Open your Facebook profile, and click on the 'Account' Option at the top right of the Window.
2. Click on the 'Privacy Settings' menu. See the picture below:

3. Now you can see 'How Tags Works' option. Click on the 'Edit Settings' option there. See the picture below:

4. Now you will get 'How Tag Works' options window. Select Second option there, which will enable you to Review the tags that your friends want to add you to their posts, photos or videos. See picture below:
5. Now can see 'Tag Review' option. Select 'Enable' there as seen in the below picture, and click 'Back' button.
Done! This will help you to review the tags that you have got.

Now if you don't have time to spend on reviewing all the tags, you can just skip the above option and try below method
Tags Visible Only to Me:
If you use this option, all of your friends will be able to tag you on their pictures, but only YOU will be able to see those tags. This is safest and easiest method to bypass tagging nuisance. I recommend this because I have enabled this in my profile.

1. Follow until the 3rd step of first example.

2. Now, click on the 'Maximum Profile Visibility' option there. By default all of your friends will be able to view the tags. Click on the button and select 'Custom' option. See the picture below:
3. Now you will get 'Custom Privacy' window. Select 'Only Me' there as seen in the below picture, and click on 'Save Changes'.

Now you are safe! Tags on posts, photos or videos made by your friends will be visible only to you.

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