Top 10 Tips to Grow Your Facebook Page; By Randi Zuckerberg

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>> Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Although Randi Zuckerberg has retired from her role as Facebook’s Marketing Director, her platform marketing expertise and knowledge has not expired. The video, uncovered from last year’s Creativity Forum conference, is of the Mark's sister offering up her top ten tips for managing a Facebook Page, all of which are inspired by companies’ “Facebook Firsts.”
Zuckerberg gets into the tips around the four minute mark, but for those of you who don’t want to watch the video, we’ve got the tips below.

1. Customize your Page

This should be the first thing a company does after having created their Page. Tab differentiation and a clear brand message represents good Page customization. As Randi says, make your users get to your Page and go, “Ah ha! I know exactly what this brand is.”

2. Define your organization’s rules of engagement

Define your company’s rules of engagement through talking to people within your organization. Find a way to clearly illustrate to the people and to the users on your Facebook Page how their comments are being used, managed and monitored.

3. Encourage community interaction

Encourage community interaction through doing things that your company was going to do anyway. Randi relates this to Facebook’s two café Pages. Through posting their daily menus, their Page has caught the attention and interest of those who don’t even work at Facebook.

4.  Be Authentic

Although some companies may shy away from long wall posts as they feel it’s better to be more direct than elaborate on Facebook, Randi suggests almost the opposite. Posts that feel and read authentically reach a greater user audience.

5. Use your Facebook presence to get immediate feedback

Facebook is a platform that companies can use to receive nearly immediate user feedback, so leverage that power.

6. Integrate videos

Video plus Facebook equals greater sharing capability and an opportunity to develop stronger user interaction. Randi thinks video is the future. We do, too.

7. Feature your fans

Whether it be changing your Page’s profile photo once a week to feature a fan like Dunkin’ Donut’s has done, or hiring fans as Coca Cola did, showing your company’s appreciation for your user’s support makes for a stronger brand and for a more Liked Facebook Page.

8. Get creative with new Facebook products
Facebook is constantly introducing new products to their platform, all of which can be easily used to benefit company Facebook Pages. In combination with a little creativity, using new Facebook features can optimize your Page’s success.

9. Make it go “viral”

To go “viral,” a company must  leverage tagging. Tagging is an opportunity to not only connect with your users, but with all of their friends, too.

10. Use Insights

Every Page owner has access to their Page’s Facebook Insights. This information can be used to discover your user demographics.

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