Review: Blackberry Chit Chat for Facebook

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>> Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chit Chat for Facebook brings their Facebook desktop application to the world of mobile phones with their Blackberry application. The Blackberry program brings your Facebook friends into the fold, allowing you to communicate with them wherever you may go, without the annoying character limitations of SMS text messaging. Overall, the Chit Chat for Facebook Blackberry application is a pleasant experience and does a good job of integrating Facebook chat on your Blackberry.

Chit Chat for Facebook is a Blackberry application that allows you to talk to your friends using your phone. Why would you want to use this instead of the built-in Blackberry Messenger? It’s simple.  BBM (as the Blackberry Messenger is known) will only let you talk to other people as long as they have a Blackberry.  Although in some instances this may be all you need, many people have a group of friends that has anything from Apple’s iPhone to the cheapest phone they could find.

Instead of sending messages from one phone to another, Chit Chat for Facebook allows you to use your Facebook friend’s list to talk with your friends. Although you may be using your phone, the person on the other end of the conversation could easily be using their computer or the Chit Chat for Facebook desktop application to talk to you.

In my tests of the Blackberry application, I found that as far as chatting is concerned, this app worked as well as you could expect. I had no problems talking to my Facebook friends, whether I was at home using Wi-Fi, or out in the middle of nowhere on the cell phone connection. One feature that was not advertised that I found very helpful in managing my friends was the search function. When you are on the buddy list, just start typing.  It will filter down your friends until you find the one that you are looking for.

My favorite feature of this application is the ability of it to use the ringer and vibration features of the Blackberry to notify you of new messages.  No more checking your phone every ten seconds to see if someone has messaged you. This is a feature that every chat application should have, and it is a wonderful thing to see integrated into Chit Chat for Facebook.

There are three tabs in the main interface of ChitChat for Facebook. The first one is your buddy list. The second is a list of the conversations you are currently having. The third and final tab is a list of the unread messages that you have received. 

There are several different styles for the chat windows, ranging from a simple, old-school text based chat style to a slightly fancier style which mimics the “bubbles” that are so popular in modern chat applications.

There isn’t too much to be said about the design of this application. The feature that I have found most useful is the “unread message” tab. Instead of going through your active chats to find out if anyone has replied, you can get a list of all the replies you need to catch up on. 

When first signing in to the application for some reason it decided that it didn’t want to load the buddy list. Once I tried again it loaded the buddy list just fine, and since then I’ve never had that problem again. I’m not sure what the cause of this error was, but if you aren’t first able to sign in, try again a few more times. It should work the second or third time.

Final Thoughts:
The Blackberry version of Chit Chat for Facebook is a solid application that can integrate your Facebook friends into your Blackberry.  It provides a simple way to talk with your Facebook friends from your phone. Although it makes almost no effort to integrate the rest of Facebook’s features in the same way as the Windows version, it is a substantial upgrade from using the official Facebook Blackberry application as a chat client. There is no question that Chit Chat for Facebook BB is a solid program that is worth the $1.99 price. 

•    Multilingual
•    Chat with multiple Facebook buddies
•    Notifications on incoming message
•    Advanced networking features

•    Can be a little finicky when first signing in.

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