A simple Firefox trick; shaking image by clicking and dragging your mouse!

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>> Sunday, September 4, 2011

Firefox is known as world's most stable web browser. And if you are very much fond of it and if you have been using it for a long time, you have probably noticed one of its specialties. While clicking and dragging a picture, it will create a quick carbon copy of it! It will just look like a shaking or overprinted picture! You can try below trick to take a copy of it.

1. Open any website with a picture
2. Click on the picture that you want to modify
3. Drag the picture little bit without releasing the click
4. Press Print screen button (without releasing click and drag!)
5. Now open 'mspaint' or any image application
6. Paste the picture to the Application.
7. Now you have a nicely modified image!

See below example:

A photo of Steve Jobs from Wikipedia before modifying.

The same photo after modified using Firefox.

So did you try this trick? a simple trick that you can try at home!

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