More iPhone5 design prototypes and feature suggestions

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>> Monday, September 12, 2011

Technocator had earlier published news regarding Apple's upcoming iPhone version, iPhone 5. There are number of prototype images released on the net. But Apple's official confirmation is yet to come. CNET has just published few prototype images of upcoming iPhone 5. We are republishing some of those images which contains suggested features of new iPhone. 

More enhancement over voice control
Apple didn't show off any new voice-control features as part of its iOS 5 preview. But rumor has it that those features weren't quite ready to be shown off at Apple's WWDC in June, so we may very well get them. We do expect that Apple will continue to flesh out the voice controls for the iPhone with significant enhancements.


Micro-HDMI out
In March, Apple finally announced support for full 720p or 1080i HD video output for the iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G, and iPad 2. However, you need Apple's $39 Digital AV to send that HD video (audio) to a TV or monitor, whereas many Android-powered smartphones offer a built-in Micro-HDMI port that only requires an inexpensive $5 cable to run video to your TV. 

Removable Battery
This well-known rendering of a future iPhone dreams of a model with a removable battery. That appears to run counter to Apple's current design principles. 

Near Field Communication Technology
Rumor has it that Apple may be working on adding near field communication technology (NFC) into the next iPhone. This is sort of a bar code replacement technology that would allow your iPhone--among other things--to act as a payment device (e-wallet) or even a car key. 


Enhanced Cloud Support
In previous versions of this list, we've asked for this feature, and we'll now get it with iCloud in the fall. In some ways iCloud is more restrictive than Amazon's iDrive cloud storage solution, which allows you to store all your photos and videos (Apple's iCloud has not addressed video yet), but it's a big step forward, and the fact that you can mirror your iTunes music library (regardless of where you got your music) for $25 a year is an enticing offer.
 Video Chat Feature over 3G and 4G Network
Currently, on the iPhone 4, FaceTime only works over Wi-Fi (yes, there are some workarounds to get it to work over 3G, but Apple doesn't officially support it). In iOS 5, doing FaceTime over a cellular data network is now part of the settings menu but it looks like the carriers have control over whether it's enabled.

Flash support
It'll be a cold day in hell when Apple allows for Flash support on the iPhone. But that doesn't mean we can't ask for it. 

Changes in Appearance
Rumors have been all over the map with the next-generation iPhone. Some reports suggest that the fifth-generation iPhone will actually be called the iPhone 4S and offer performance improvements (along with a better camera) but maintain the same design. 

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