Is Facebook really a killer App? A Facebook suicide story

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>> Saturday, September 24, 2011

A 22 years old girl from south Indian city of Bangalore killed herself after being rejected by her boyfriend through Facebook. After a day long quarrel each other, the boy logged in to his Facebook and added a wall post; "Feeling cool today. Dumped my girlfriend. Happy independence day", without realizing the truth that  hundreds of his friends are viewing (and even more people if he didn't enable privacy settings) that statement. Seeing the post, girl lost self control and immediately hanged herself in the door room, after writing her last note, "this is the best revenge to him".

A most astonishing fact is that, the girl holds a Bachelors of Engineering degree from IIT (Indian Institute of Technology, India's prestigious grad school) and doing MBA from IIM (Indian Institute of Management, India's most valued management institute). a BE from IIT and an MBA from IIM didn't teach her to differentiate virtual and real world!

Here is the news story:
With a 23-year-old Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore, student committing suicide after her boyfriend quietly dumped her by updating his status on a social networking site, the need to discuss the minutiae of Facebook break-up etiquette has become more pressing.
Of late, incidents of couples washing their dirty linen on social networking sites have risen in the city.
The case of Malini Murmu, a first year MBA student at the IIM-B, has only gone on to prove that the growing trend of people rushing to update their Facebook status immediately after a breakup, may prompt their partners to take the extreme step.
According to relationship experts and psychologists, even sordid tales of lost love are being made public on these social networking sites, which is a disturbing trend.
Colleges and institutes should come forward to tackle this virtual menace gripping their campus and hold discussions with students: on whether one should delete pictures of his ex after splitting up?
Is it ok to unfriend your last girlfriend if you can't stop looking at her profile? And is it ever ethical to change relationship status to single without notifying the person you are dumping?
Another psychologist said, "We should teach them about break-up etiquette and how they can move on in life and still stay friends on Facebook, sharing niceties on the social networking sites.
And to help youngsters envision what a healthy split might look like, they should be informed how several celebrity couples managed amicable breakups.

HERE is a RIP page created by Malini's friends.

Do social networks really disturb peoples' private life? have your say!

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