How to monetize your Youtube videos with Google Adsense?

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>> Friday, September 16, 2011

If you have a few YouTube uploads that is getting pretty good views everyday, you can opt to make money from those videos. But it is not very easy to go and get the Advertisements. As of now Google is doing a kind of handpicking the videos to publish the Ads. That means if Google authorities likes one of your video, they will send you an email invite to join the monetizing program. This article will provide you some step by step instructions to start monetizing YouTube videos.

There are few things you must be aware of the monetizing techniques. Primarily, you should have a Google Adsense Account. If you don't have an Adsense account read this article to get necessary knowledge on how to get an Adsense account. If you already have an Adsense account, you are half way done. Now just verify your videos. The videos you have uploaded to Youtube should be your own, by all means. You SHOULD NOT use any copyrighted musics, videos, stage performance or television clips, or any videos which contains copyrighted materiel. In brief, you should be the sole owner of the videos you uploaded.

As a next step watch out the number of views your video is getting. If your videos are getting considerably rapid growth in viewership, Google will start noticing you! For instance, I got first invitation for YouTube monetizing for a video which covered 100000 views!

To proceed further, You should get an invitation email from YouTube along with a link. But as of now you can try copying the below link, If it leads you to the monetizing page, you are lucky!

Open this LINK in another page, and log in using your Google account ( that you are using to upload and manage YouTube videos)

If your videos are already suggested for monetizing, you will find something as shown in the below screen shot.
As you can see in the picture, there will be a Monetization tab along with your Adsense Publisher ID. 
Now click on the option 'Start monetizing your videos>>'
This option will lead you to another page which contains your videos, as you see in the below screen shot.

Here, you can select the videos you want to make money with, and Click on the button 'Monetize'. Be aware that you should not select the videos that contains third party copyrighted contents. If you select that, it may lead to permanent deletion of your video and sometimes Adsense account itself.

Once you click on the Monetize button, you will be lead to another page as below:
Here, you have to click on 'Monetize with Ads' option, and you will get some options, which is to identify the type of the video, and you have to provide detailed description on what kind of video and music you have used it, and you have to claim sole ownership of the content.
Now click OK and submit.
Once the YouTube team reviews your video and the information  you provided, they will approve your making money request. 
So on the Ads will be appearing on the videos. Make sure not to click on Ads of your own video, that may lead to the deletion of your Adsense account.

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