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>> Monday, September 12, 2011

Working with Adsense is a thrilling experience for many. But only if you are earning considerable income from that! But as far as beginners are concerned, starting the earning is really a challenge, and due to lack of determination and more patience, many of the Adsense publishers have been left the scene. But Making money with Adsense takes time and effort. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It is counting in years! not in weeks or months.
 What I am trying to say is, Adsense is not a go-get-rich fact! instead, it is a career, but start Adsense as just a spare time income earner, gradually - after some years - once you see that Adsense income is overtaking what you are earning from your real job, you can leave your job and concentrate in this online business, as many people do this. I have a good example of Mr. Amit Agarwal, from India. He was an IT professional and a blogger as well. Once he started getting considerable income from his tech blog DIGITAL INSPIRATION, he left his primary career, and concentrated in his online business. Now he is the number one Adsense earner in India.
For beginners and the people who wish to start with Adsense, there is a mantra, 'More page view means more clicks, more clicks means more income!' But you might have asked in your mind, how to get all of these?

Well, this is the real challenge for beginners. Firs of all let us analyze what will bring more people into your blog or property (A property in online business can be anything where you can sell your ads, such as blog, website, Youtube Video, Search, or even RSS feeds). 
There are 3 key attributes a beginner should concentrate. Find out below crucial points that will attract more visitors to your blog.

1. More quality posts. 
If you are a beginner, keep on posting more and more blog posts (Quality posts!) in your blog. You can create a banner in-front of you, 'One Day One post!'. Also note that, never attempt to fill your post with more copy pastes from other website. Remember, Search engines are Intelligent!

2. List your blog in Search engines, Social media, blog catalogs etc.
In my experience, search engine part will come automatically. If you have a number of good posts, beyond doubt search engines will syndicate your blog, and your posts will appear in the search results. Also make sure you create accounts in Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter and add link to your posts. 

3. Place your Adsense ads in right place!
Right ad in right place gets more clicks, and more income. That means The advertisement should be relevant to your post, and it should be placed in a place where the read tend to click easily. Here you have to consider mainly two things. Do not violate Google Terms of Service, but place the ads in proper place were the readers eyes and clicks can reach! More details on the best placement of Google Ads can be READ HERE.
This is with assumption that you already have an Adsense account. But if you are yet to apply for Adsense account, it takes at least  six months since the  beginning of your blog. Also you should have around 50 quality posts in your blog. But it is possible to get Adsense account withing two months of beginning of your blog, But you should have more quality posts. Apply for Adsense account and wait with patience, because Google checks your blog with human hands!
Any questions and queries regarding Adsense publishing are welcome. Technocator has affiliation with number of Adsense experts team to help you.

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