London riot jokes flying around Twitter!

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>> Thursday, August 11, 2011

Major cities of England have been witnessing massive youth unrest and destruction around for last few days. Started from outskirt of London, rapidly went out of control and spread across different cities. Teenagers have been looting whatever stuck in their eyes. This incident is very unfortunate and let us hope everything will be under control very soon. Earlier reports state that Social networking websites, especially Twitter is being used by the looters for organizing their criminal activity. For some extend, this is true. But we have found many jokes are flying around Twitter regarding the ongoing riots and looting in English cities. 
Here are some of them, Let us wish the London riots would stop soon!

Breaking, Libya calls on James Cameron regime to listen to the demands of the rebels in London, calls for UN to declare no fly zone.

True? The youths in Tunisia, Egypt or Syria rose up to claim their freedom; in London they are rising up to claim their 42 inch plasma TVs.

Fernando Torres has joined in with London riots. He's reportedly thrown 12 petrol bombs, police confirm that none have hit the target. :-D

6 shots were fired today in London. They all missed. Police suspect Fernando Torress!

Ok I think ppl can stop RTing the "Karachi is safer than London" now... They had a grenade attack in Karachi last night

Watching Britain's Got Talent on YouTube :)

The e-petition "Convicted London rioters should loose [sic] all benefits" is now just 2,800 short of the 100k threshold

Indian Mutibrand Store "THE LOOT" to open 100 stores across #london.....I am sure it's going to be a runaway sucess. :)

Honest, I bought 40 iPhone 4s for friends and family and they just don't want them

 looks like the #ukriots are starting to calm down...of course - the weather played its part :D

If you could find something more funny on twitter, just fill it up below in the comment column!

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