Setup favicon for your blogs in three simple steps

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>> Saturday, June 4, 2011

Favicon is a small icon which appears on the tittle bar of the browser once you load a website or blog. It is a method of branding your website, a decoration, and moreover to show the standard of your blog or website. You might have noticed Facebook's F icon and Gmail's Envelop icon, once you see that icon you can quickly recognize which website it is. This is the way of branding through favicons. Here let us configure our own favicon to our websites or blogs using three simple steps.
If you are running blogs on blogger or wordpress, you can use the below method to enable favicon to your blog:
1. Create a favicon: creating or generating a favicon is much more easier than earlier, with the help of many generators. you can use THIS generator to design and generate a favicon with .ico format. This is a very useful web tool to design favicon, where you can either create a new favicon from scrach or upload an image and convert it into .ico files. Once you have done with creating .ico file download it to your desktop.

2. Upload the file: step two is to upload the .ico file using any free file hosting method. You can use THIS .ico hosting tool to upload your .ico file. Just click on brows and select the .ico file from your desktop and upload it.
3. Add the code: Once you have uploaded the .ico file you will get an output with below code:
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="" type="image/x-icon" />. 
Just copy the code from there and keep it in a notepad.
Go back to your Blogger dashboard (or wordpress) and open HTML edit (in blogger its  Design -> Edit HTML). and search for </head> tag. copy the code from notepad and paste JUST ABOVE the </head> tag. 

Now save the editor, and open your blog and see the favicon appearing.
If you have any trouble or questions, don't hesitate to ask below:

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