How to make money through social web? (Steps to make money through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.)

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>> Friday, January 28, 2011

Today’s internet is highly oriented by social media and social network websites. Social network websites have large number of regular users, this makes it a best place to find the target audience for your business or services. 

Here we will provide your some useful tips for beginning business and making money with social media websites.

1. If you are starting from a scratch, initially you need to learn how social media websites are working. Facebook is the best place to start. Next to it coming Twitter and Linkedin. There are some other website such as Youtube and Flickr where you can find target audience with some specific criteria. It is important to understand how to start account, how to post links, photos and videos on these websites, and how to bring the attention of the people to your page or profile.

2. Find few companies and give them awareness about the potential of social media advertisement. Start with small product manufacturers or sellers and convince them that social networking sites are the best place and less expensive method to advertise their products and best place to find target audience.
For instance, you can start with providers of Home stay, restaurants, hotels, resorts, real estate companies etc.
Another best option is tourism service providers, the reach of social network website are worldwide , hence it is best place to advertise the tourism services that your client is providing.

3. Imagine you have got a client, a home stay provider. As a starting point create a page for your client. For example you can start a Fan page in Facebook and a @companyname ID in twitter. You should have an idea that what kind of people your client is targeting. Use the search facility of the social websites and add as many people as possible into your social pages. provide attractive images, videos or posts that can catch the attention of your audience. You can ask your friends to re-post or re-tweet your posts. This will help your profile to get more attention.
Profile picture is one important factor. Give a eye catchy image that will reflect the overall feature of your client.

You have to post notes, photos, or videos about your client every day. And this should reflect the facilities or products your client is providing.
Always encourage your audience to comment on your posts or photos, that will help it to
reach to more people through their walls.

Being an highly interactive media, there wil be high response through social networking websites. So always be ready to answer the questions and queries that your audience is asking about your client. It is also recommended providing your dedicated phone number for instant help.

4. Having patience and dedication is a very important factor in internet business. Don’t expect that your can be a millionaire in few weeks. Wait with patience for few months, you can see that your social media business is growing. Based on that you can expand your services by starting dedicated websites or blogs.

Please ask if you have any questions regarding social media business.

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