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>> Friday, December 3, 2010

The day has arrived. The company which is giving global majors like Nokia and Samsung a run of their money has launched its first Android phone which costs around Rs. 8000. The company in questions is Micromax and it has A6o – its first Android phone. A60 will run Android’s Eclair (2.1). This phone was initially to be released on October 20.
In a bloggers meet arranged in the capital, Micromax has launched its much awaited A60. It joins the ranks of the recently launched Android phones, LG Optimus One and Motorola Charm. Other than the global majors like Samsung, LG, Acer and Dell, home-grown companies like Videocon and Spice have already launched their Android powered phones. Micromax is a little late to the Android party but given the features and the price of A60, it is much awaited.

A60 Andro has accelerator sensor which allow users to show off your content in portrait or landscape orientation with every turn. It has a 150 MB internal memory and is 32GB External Micro SD card supported.

Spec-wise, it seems more or less similar to the Samsung Galaxy 5 i5503, which costs about
Rs. 1,500 more, except for one major drawback - the resistive screen. The Galaxy 5 on the other hand has the finger-friendly and fairly responsive (we've tried it out) touch response due to its capacitive nature. While we haven't tried out the Andro's screen, having used resistive screens before, we can guesstimate the Samsung's to be better.

Micromax Andro A60 specification:

* 2.8-inch resistive full touch screen
* 3.2 MP camera Auto Focus
* Android 2.1 Eclair OS
* 600MHz microprocessor
* WiFi
* 3G
* Bluetooth
* FM radio
* Weight 105gms
* Measures 106.8mm x 59.2mm x 14.0mm

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