How to view old Facebook posts quickly using Java script?

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>> Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Facebook is the Internets leading Social Networking tool, impacting the day to day life of millions of people around the world. Thousand of people are posting their updates, thoughts, news, viral vidoes etc on the Facebook wall, it is somehow countless that how much information all these stuff generates.

Have you ever thought of seeing your wallposts that you have added on your Facebook wall few months ago? or few years ago? is it really possible?

Facebook doesn't provide any short cut such as searching posts based on date or relevance. Instead you have to keep on pressing 'Older Posts' button in the bottom of your wall. This is of course a time wasting event!

So, here I just have made a Java script that will make it very easy to view your old wall posts:

 1. Open Firefox or Chrome browser
 2. Launch your Facebook profile, as if your friends see it (click on the profile menu)
 3. Copy the below script and paste on the address bar and hit enter

javascript:function clrt(){alert('Stopped Post Load');if(f_sM){clearTimeout(f_sM);}};function showMore(){ProfileStream.getInstance().showMore();f_sM = setTimeout(showMore, 4000); xsm=document.getElementById('profile_pager_container');xsm.addEventListener('click',clrt,false)}; showMore();

 4. Wait for few minutes, this script will automatically click on the 'Older Posts' button every 4 seconds. 

5. If you see your old post which you are looking for is already visible, just press on the blue area of 'Older Posts' tab, so you can stop the script.

6. If you remember the key word of your post that you are looking for, just press Ctrl+F and search.

Update: Recently I just came to know about another exciting Facebook application, which will help you to find out old Facebook posts and pictures. Even though the application is in beta stage, I tested it and its working fine. If you guys don't like to use the script above, I would suggest this application called 'GetMyLifeBack':

If you want to download all of your Facebook profile details including old wall posts, you can go through this step by step instruction: How to download all of my Facebook photos and other details using 'Download Your Information'?

Hope you this post helped you, please put your thoughts on the comments column.

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